Hi, I'm Neby.

Neby allows you to send and receive NAS on Twitter.

What is NAS?

NAS is the utility token of Nebulas, viable for payment of transaction fees and computing service charges. Nebulas is a next-generation blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.

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How to

Sending NAS with Neby is simple.

  1. Reply to a tweet made by the person you want to send NAS, following the format of:
    @NebBot (send|gift|give|wire|grant|drop|donate) (amount) NAS (message)

    @NebBot gift 5 NAS to my lad johnny

  2. Neby(@NebBot) will then send you a direct message to confirm the transaction.

    In order to receive the direct message, you must either send @NebBot a message first, be following @NebBot, or have the account setting "Receive Direct Messages from anyone" enabled.

  3. After submitting the transaction Neby will make a tweet tagging your twitter account and the user you replied to.

To review transactions, get your address from Neby using the address command, then search for your transaction on the Nebulas blockchain explorer.


  • ADDRESS - Get the NAS address associated with your Twitter account ID.
  • HELP - Display the available commands.
  • TRANSFER address amount - Transfer NAS from your Neby address to an external address.
    transfer n1ZiyKqyFUKn2ych8k5dAitfq7NgLxUfgJW 13.37

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